Mishkenot Sha’ananim

The historic Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhood lies adjacent to the Old City wall and the Tower of David, a brief stroll from the Orient Hotel Jerusalem. Established in 1860 by Minister Moshe Montefiore, it was the city’s very first neighborhood beyond the walls, featuring a flower mill that later became the symbol of neighborhood.

Operating for 25 years, the mill eventually closed, underwent various transformations, and now stands restored as an exhibition space dedicated to Montefiore’s life and work. The neighborhood’s unique topography forms a picturesque urban landscape with Jerusalem houses, lush vegetation, and ascending stairs providing breathtaking views of the Old City walls and the Tower of David.

Each hour of the day brings its own enchantment, and we encourage hotel guests to explore the alleys, relishing the neighborhood’s captivating sites and cherished beauty at every turn.